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Discover the dermapositive experience based on scent therapy, with ultra-sensory and effective formulas that nourish the skin, the mind and the soul...

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Our serums have been developed to obtain a fluid and fine texture, this one penetrates gently, nourishes and hydrates the skin in depth and offer themselves the luxury of going further by regulating the emotional state thanks to divine perfumes based on olfactotherapy around the 4 pillars of well-being: Energy, confidence, serenity and sleep

By adding the emotional effect to each serum, your skincare becomes your emotional ally to accompany you throughout your days.

Your skin finds elasticity, hydration and nutrition without leaving a greasy film while being lulled by the olfactory notes that awaken self-awareness and emotional reconnection.

The dermapositive serum,
your skin and emotional ally
around the 4 pillars of well-being.

Clinically tested and proven 

Reconnect to the vital energies
of plants 

By developing mindfulness skincare based on olfactotherapy, dermapositive invites you to reconnect with yourself through refined and subtle scents from  of the living world.

An olfactory meditation has been developed by a master in NLP for each serum on its product sheet according to its emotional state. 

Each scent has been developed exclusively for dermapositive by Jean-Charles Sommerard Master perfumer from the perfume house Sevessence Paris. 

His expertise on the impact of essential oils on emotions has made it possible to develop scents with neuro-stimulating properties with increased olfactory pleasure thanks to our 100% natural fragrances which soften the raw scents of essential oils.


Reconnect to the vital energies
of plants 

By developing