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Madame Rêve - Cleansing pomade

Madame Rêve - Cleansing pomade


Madame Rêve is a make-up remover pomade that was developed in collaboration with a talented make-up artist, Lily Von E.


Make-up remover and cleanser, it is suitable for both the face and the eyes.

It removes impurities in depth and offers the skin a bath of softness comparable to an evening hug before going to bed.

Dampen face to emulsify and completely cleanse residue, rinse with warm water.

The skin is clean, healthy and nourished.



Use before the Nuit de Rêve serum and can be completed according to a ritual with the cuddly pillow mist.



Make-up removal - Put a small amount of ointment on the fingertips, heat in the palm of your hands, the ointment will then turn into an oily texture, apply to the face by massaging, then moisten your face with water to thoroughly cleanse all impurities from the face, including the eyes. 

Rinse the face then proceed with your usual evening ritual.

Cleanser - Morning or evening, you can cleanse your skin with this delicious ointment, take a small portion of the product, pour a few drops of water on it and emulsify the composition while massaging your face, the skin is clean, nourished and ready to welcome the care of your routine.

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