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The Dermapositive formula

Dermapositive is an innovative cosmetics brand that combines aproven effectivenessonthe skin, based onorganic vegetable oilsand onthe emotionsthanks to theolfactory therapy.

Created by Isabella Zajde


Mom of 2 little boys and passionate aboutthe impact of emotionson health, Isabella first evolved in the pharmaceutical industry by developing Dermocosmetic products. 

It is precisely by becoming a mother and faced with her desire to combine professional and family life that Isabella faces the difficulties of stayingin harmonyat the physical and mental level. She then became interested in the work of theDr. Elizabeth Blackburn (Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2009) highlighting the impact of stress on premature cellular aging and decides to study stress management by training inpositive psychology.

She establishes new rituals in her daily life which prove to be a source of oxygen for her well-being and her skin,

Thepositive cosmeticsthen becomes obvious, a line ofactive cosmetics on the skin and emotionsto help women who, like her, want to be and feel 100% every day.  

After2 years of research, and thanks to thecollaboration of renowned expertswho believed in the project, the dermapositive formula was born. 

Our quality charter

Dermapositive is inspired by the intelligence and beauty of nature to create "emotional" anti-aging serums,100% natural, active, ecological, safe and ethical.

Natural:All the raw materials selected are devoid of pesticides, chemical or synthetic solvents or GMOs and are subject to constant demanding sourcing.

Botanically and biochemically certified, the essential oils selected in all our scented creations are controlled both botanically (producing organ of the plant, exact Latin botanical name, chemotype, country of origin) and chemical (a chromatography is carried out to each new batch of oil

essential). Guarantee of quality and seriousness, this implies:

  • the choice of the most suitable biotype,

  • the quality of the extraction methods used,

  • checking the identity and composition of the essential oil by analysis,

  • the guarantee of a 100% pure, natural and complete essential oil.

Assets :Each raw material: natural plant extracts (vegetable oils, CO2 extracts, isolates) and essential oils are chosen according to precise and scientific studies relating to cosmetics, aromatherapy and aromachology and therefore have very good effects. -to be on the body and the spirit.

Ecological:We are concerned and respectful of the environment, natural reserves of biodiversity and participate in the preservation of endangered plant species via CITES*.

All our packaging does not contain phthalates or bisphenols and is studied for their minimum impact on the environment.

Secured:All our formulas are IFRA** compliant (according to the current amendment) and guarantee perfect harmlessness on the skin.

Each scented creation is objectified by professionals from the world of well-being and health, neuropsychiatrists, chemists, pharmacists, toxicologists...

Ethics:We are committed to our work choices with respect for nature and the dignity of human beings. We establish lasting partnerships with our suppliers in order to ensure a constant quality of our supplies and favor short circuits.


In addition, Dermapositive conducts an environmental policy in accordance with its convictions. The company is now strengthening its commitment by setting objectives each year to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.

*CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) aims to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten the survival of species to which they belong.

**International Fragrance Association, the IFRA draws up a code of good conduct grouping qualitative standards relating to the constituents of perfume compositions and ensures the protection of the environment and the consumer.

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