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Make your skin happy 

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By developingmindfulness carebased onolfactotherapy, dermapositive invites you to reconnect with yourself through refined and subtle scents. 

An olfactory meditation has been developed by a master in NLP for each serum on its product sheet according to its emotional state. 

Each scent has been developed exclusively for dermapositive byJean-Charles Sommerard Master perfumerfrom the perfume house Sevessence Paris. 

His expertise on the impact of essential oils on emotions has made it possible to develop scents with neuro-stimulating properties with increased olfactory pleasure thanks towith 100% natural fragranceswhich soften the raw scents of essential oils.

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The 4 well-being serums that nourish the skin and the mind

Yoga près de l'océan

The dermapositive serum, 
an ally of your days.

It is based on the foundations of positive psychology that we have created thepositive cosmetics.
By adding the emotional effect to each serum, your skincare becomes your emotional ally to accompany you throughout your days.

Your skin findselasticity, hydration and nutrition without leaving a greasy filmwhile being lulled by the olfactory notes that awaken self-awareness andemotional reconnection.

The latest articles from our positive magazine

Meet the founder: Isabella Zajde, Dr. in Pharmacy

Having evolved in an environment that left little room for the emotional, I began a career in the pharmaceutical industry where I developed dermocosmetic products among others.


It was by becoming a mother and training in positive psychology that I managed to find my balance through emotional well-being.

Beauty is in my eyes inseparable from emotional well-being because it is he who breathes this little extra soul

It is up to us to be aware of it and to integrate it into our daily lives.


Isabella Zajde

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New small cutting-edge brand, dermapositive has given itself the mission of revolutionizing anti-aging cosmetics

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