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Stephanie Berget

Skin and wellness therapist être

Passionate about the world of beauty since always, Stéphanie passionately managed  a luxury beauty institute in a friendly and benevolent atmosphere.

Curious by nature, she is passionate about well-being and self-fulfillment and is trained in life coaching.

When Stéphanie meets Isabella by chance, it is a mutual crush that is created, the same approach on the need to connect the physical aspect to the mind from 2 different but complementary angles. Stéphanie with her human approach thanks to the services she offers  and Isabella with her scientific approach and the resulting products.

  Self-esteem is essential to achieve your goals, it goes through an external component linked to the beauty of the woman but also an internal one that calls on the management of our emotions to create motivation and access the success of our actions.
Our beauty is the reflection of our internal fulfillment, understanding it is one thing, understanding it in an affective and conscious way is an asset.
I offer you a discovery appointment, to discover more in depth the dermapositive brand and its benefits on your skin and your well-being and personalize the treatment according to your needs.

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